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Woodcliff neighborhood signWoodcliff is one of the nicer and more convenient off-post military housing community near Fort Drum.

In contrast to other rental communities which have multi level apartments or tightly packed townhouses, Woodcliff offers duplex homes spread across 90 acres with private drives, garages, in-home laundry room. There are no neighbors above or below your home!

Of the 13 rental communities that had been leased by the Army and tracked by the Fort Drum housing office, Woodcliff had the cheapest duplex or townhouse utilities in the Ft. Drum vicinity, with monthly bills for electric, gas averaging $181.43. The only communities with cheaper utility costs were ones that contained garden apartment type dwellings.

Woodcliff is adjacent to the Calcium Primary School which is part of the Indian River Central School District, and is described by many residents as very desirable with teachers that are extraordinarily caring and frequently communicate with parents

Woodcliff is strategically located off Route 11, and approximately 1 mile south of Fort Drum's main gate, a half mile from shopping and restaurants, and 5 miles from downtown Watertown

Woodcliff Management Office and scenic lake

Office & scenic lake

Community Tot Lot

Tot Lot

Calcium Primary School

Calcium Primary School

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